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How to give tip in Vietnamese Restaurant when travelling Vietnam

April 30, 2021

Not only abroad, but the "tipping culture" in Vietnamese Restaurant has been popular in Vietnam in recent years, especially in large restaurants and hotels.

SUMMARY Public Holidays - festivals in Vietnam IN THE YEAR

April 30, 2021

Vietnam as well as other countries in the world have many holidays to celebrate, to commemorate and to mark important moments in history. However, there are also many people, especially the young generation, do not care much and remember all these anniversary.

Holidays you can't miss: The 5 most significant national holidays in Vietnam

April 29, 2021

Vietnam, like any other country, has various national holidays to celebrate its history and culture. Vietnamese people follow 2 types of calendars: the solar calendar and the lunar calendar. Thus, there are also 2 types of holidays. Let us guide you through some significant holidays you definitely have to know.

Weather in Southern Vietnam: The ideal time to visit the area

April 29, 2021

The climate in Southern Vietnam is somewhat different than the rest of the country. The weather is hot all year round and only a bit cooler in mountainous regions. There are 2 seasons: the dry and the wet season, similar to the weather in Central Vietnam but the differences between the 2 seasons are much clearer.

Weather in Central Vietnam: When is the best time to travel here

April 29, 2021

Due to the topographic differentiation, the weather changes in different parts of Central Vietnam. Thus, when is the right time to visit Central Vietnam becomes one of the most commonly asked questions to tourists. Let us help you answer the question with this article.

Weather in Northern Vietnam: Things you need to know when traveling

April 29, 2021

When should you go to Northern Vietnam? What kind of weather is ideal? These are the most common questions, but Northern Vietnam has a wide variety of weathers across the year. Let us find out about the different weather and activities in this area to have the best experience.