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Vietnam is a beautiful country which is well known for natural beauty, long history and multiple cultures. Therefore, it is easy to understand the reason why the number of tourists landing in Vietnam is increasing to a greater extent. People who are wishing to visit a country famous for both cultural and natural beauty can prioritize Vietnam without any constraint. Even though there are thousands of places to visit, here are some highly recommended tourist spots which should not be missed once after landing in the Vietnam land: The 1000 year old capital Hanoi, breathtaking Halong Bay, peaceful Hoi An town, bustling and modern Ho Chi Minh City and countless of white sand beaches along the country from the North to the South. Each minute of you in Vietnam will be surrounded by friendly people who are eager to introduce you the unique culture or authentic cuisine of Vietnam which are now popular all over the world. Vietnam is now awaiting for your footprints to explore..

Our Vietnam tours offer a wide range of places to go and things to do across the whole country. From north to south, Vietnam offers scenic Halong Bay, vibrant city tempo in Hanoi, unparalleled leisure in Hoi An, imperial Hue, colonial Ho Chi Minh City and vivid Mekong Delta. From the intoxicating history and culture, stunning natural beauty, enjoyable beach holiday to an interesting fisherman experience, this hottest destination in Southeast Asia just has something for everyone.

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June: The Family Month. This is a good time to reflect on your family and how to make it stronger...

Vietnam Temporary not required test SARS Covid from 15 May

May 20, 2022

Regulations to prevent disease upon entry
- Cover payment for COVID-19 treatment with a minimum liability of USD 10,000
- Self-monitor health for 10 days after entry

Nine Covid-19 vaccines approved in Vietnam

May 14, 2022

Vietnam has approved nine Covid-19 vaccines for emergency use in the country, according to the Ministry of Health.

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Ms.Mai Explore Real Asia's Vietnam on TTG

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Quang Ninh is a large province located along the northeastern coast of Vietnam. The province is home to Ha Long Bay, a World Heritage Site. Quang Ninh has a common international border with the People’s Republic of China. Inland, north of province (Binh Lieu, Hai Ha districts and Mong Cai) borders Dongxing City and Fangcheng County in Guangxi Province, PRC with the borderline of 170 km. The province also borders Lang Son, Bac Giang and Hai Duong provinces to the west, and the city of Hai Phong to the south.

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DOMINICK A.MERLE is co-founder of the Iternational Food. Wine & Travel Writers Association and is based in Montreal.

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HaLong Bay is a famous tourist destination of Vietnam that has been recognized by UNESCO many times as the natural heritage of the world. Not only for thousands of magnificent islands, miraculous achievements of creation, HaLong bay is also famous for unique tourism activities and delicious cuisine.