Welcome to Vietnam! Let's explore authentic Vietnam simply but colorful and get unforgettable experience in your life with Explore Real Asia


Embark on an unforgettable journey through the authentic soul of Vietnam with Explore Real Asia, your trusted guide to immersive cultural experiences and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Discover the hidden gems and lesser-known treasures of this enchanting land as you delve deep into its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes.

Your adventure begins in the bustling streets of Hanoi, where Explore Real Asia's expert guides lead you through the maze-like alleys of the Old Quarter. Navigate the chaotic traffic on the back of a vintage Vespa, weaving through the city's historic neighborhoods as you uncover its centuries-old secrets and hidden charms. Stop by local markets, sample street food delicacies, and mingle with friendly locals eager to share their stories and traditions.

Venture into the tranquil countryside of Ninh Binh with Explore Real Asia's knowledgeable guides, where emerald rice paddies and towering limestone karsts create a stunning backdrop for exploration. Cruise along the winding waterways of Tam Coc on a traditional sampan boat, passing through limestone caves and lush rice fields that seem to stretch endlessly into the horizon.

Journey to the remote hill tribes of Sapa with Explore Real Asia, where you'll trek through terraced rice terraces and verdant valleys to discover the timeless beauty of rural Vietnam. Spend the night in a traditional homestay, sharing meals with local families and learning about their ancient customs and way of life.

Continue your adventure to the historic town of Hoi An, where Explore Real Asia's expert guides lead you through its charming streets lined with ancient temples, colorful lanterns, and centuries-old merchant houses. Dive into the vibrant culinary scene with a cooking class led by local chefs, mastering the art of Vietnamese cuisine using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

No exploration of Vietnam would be complete without a journey into the heart of the Mekong Delta with Explore Real Asia. Cruise along the labyrinthine waterways, stopping at floating markets and riverside villages to gain insight into the daily lives of the delta's inhabitants. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the local communities as you share meals and stories with your hosts, forging connections that will last a lifetime.

With Explore Real Asia as your guide, you'll unlock the secrets of authentic Vietnam, discovering its hidden treasures and experiencing its vibrant culture in ways you never thought possible. So, pack your sense of adventure and join us on a journey of discovery through the heart and soul of this captivating land.

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Ms Barati


Everything was very good.



All service are  Good. We enjoy tour in Vietnam very much

Mr Hoang


All service are excellent . We enjoy our stay in Vietnam.

Mr Jose and Mrs Blossom


Guide Bui Van Quy  was very knowledgeable and kept us safe and made Our Trip memorable. Service to other 100%

Mrs Allison

United States

Kevin was an exceptional guide, Mr Sau was a very frendly driver. Love it

Mrs Jones and Ms Anne


All service are excellent . We enjoy our stay in Vietnam and Cambodia very much!

Mr Radoul


All service are excellent . French speaking guide ( Mr. Thắng is number one)

Mrs Raedel


All service are Good and Excellent- We enjoy our stay in Vietnam very much!


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February 08, 2024

In the last days of the year, people who are far away from home hope to finish their work early to reunite with their families. Because everyone wants to gather with their family to wrap banh chung to offer to their ancestors and grandparents. For many generations, Banh Chung (Vietnamese square sticky rice cake) is the joy of Tet reunion and reunion, and it is Tet and Banh Chung is indispensable.

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According to traditional national culture, on December 23 every year, families prepare a sumptuous feast to see off Land Genie and the Kitchen Gods to heaven.

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January 28, 2024

Tet is coming! Soon after, every households in Vietnam will be decorated with all of their grandeur to bring in good luck, prosperity, and happiness coming in with the traditional Tet holiday. 


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