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Fruits in Vietnam: 7 fruits that you need to try when travel to Vietnam

April 30, 2021

Located in tropical regions, Vietnam has an ideal condition for a good deal of fruits with different colors and flavors to grow. Here is a list of 7 must-try fruits in Vietnam that are enjoyed not solely by local people but also by foreign tourists who have been to Vietnam.

6 Delicious Must-try Vietnamese Drinks when travelling Vietnam

April 30, 2021

Vietnam is a country with a Unique Culture in Southeast Asia, especially culinary culture. Here are 6 Delicious Must-try Vietnamese Drinks when traveling to this country.

The appeal of Vietnam street food

April 30, 2021

Vietnam street food and street vendors are a unique cultural feature of the Vietnamese community. It reflects the lifestyle and social development in Vietnam. For a long time, street food has been a need of urban people. The development of street food is an inevitable need of society, bringing many conveniences to consumers.

9 Vietnamese street foods you can not miss when travelling to Vietnam.

April 30, 2021

What is street food in Vietnamese? How much is Vietnamese street food? Extremely cheap and delicious, Vietnamese Street food is found in popular restaurants. Here, the stalls selling one-dish food, mainly women who sell, from mother to child. They present to guests the delicately handcrafted dishes. Here are 9 great Vietnamese street foods:

Dishes only in Vietnam: Strangest specialties that might surprise you

April 30, 2021

The cuisine has always been like an endless source of creativity for Vietnamese and each region has very unique cuisine features. Vietnamese cuisine has a lot of strange dishes that might surprise guests but they are actually very delicious and healthy. Here is a list of some of the most bizarre dishes in Vietnam.

Dishes across Vietnam: 7 must-try Vietnamese foods you don't want to miss

April 30, 2021

Vietnamese cuisine has long been widely recognized. It has even become a pride of Vietnamese people. Not only do tourists love the unique taste, they also love the diversity. There are hundreds of dishes that are local specialties. Here is the list of must-try Vietnamese dishes that are tourists’ favorites.