ERA Newsletter - DECEMBER 2023

ERA Newsletter - DECEMBER 2023

December 18, 2023

The Birthday Month of ERA - Explore Real Asia

Explore Real Asia Co., Ltd., is a Destination Management Service, founded in Hanoi in 19 December - 2006. Almost twenty two years ago, two British tourists – Ms Marian Parker and Mr Charlie Addiman- on their first trip to Vietnam encountered floods, that left them stranded in Hoi An. Fortunately, they received dedicated support from Ms. Hoang Thi Mai - Director and Founder of ERA that enabled them safely taken a flight to Nha Trang. Since that occasion, Ms Marian Parker and Mr Charlie Addiman and Ms. Hoang have become lifelong friends. They are passionately known to ERA staff simply as Marian and Charlie. Two British friends regularly visit Hanoi, not only to spend with their close friend Mai, but also to admire the great changes in Vietnam. Although Vietnam is known for friendly and kind people, the chance encounter made Mai realize the needs of every tourist to Vietnam being treated as a personal friend. She established Explore Real Asia with this foundational belief.
With the mission to become local tourism experts and close friends of all travelers along with the company's core values: "Thoughtful, Dedicated, Quality, Responsible and Professional". Since establishment Mai’s Destination Management Service is constantly evolving and changing to match Explore Real Asia's brand slogan: "Bridge to cultures and identities”.
In 2023, the Authentic Vietnam, True Vietnamese Culture and Identities, the Simple but Colorful Lives of Vietnamese People were always the showcase of every Explore Real Asia (ERA) tours, accompanied by friendly and professional services.
The year 2023 has opened up a new world, new colors, and new paths in life. While maintaining the core values, ERA also continuously transforms itself to catch up with the era of digital technology. The company launched website providing a new modern look, and a new direction towards sustainability.
We sincerely appreciate all past, current, and future patrons of ERA. Your supports and encouragement are the most valuable assets to ERA!
Vietnamese people embrace Christmas festivities with enthusiasm and New Year 2024 will be greeted with a grand party throughout the country. Soon after, every households in Vietnam will be decorated with all of their grandeur to bring in good luck, prosperity, and happiness coming in with the traditional Tet holiday.
Why wait? Let’s pack up and travel with ERA this holiday seasons! Come and travel with your friends at ERA to explore Authentic Vietnamese Culture and Identities.
Tour Christmas and New Year Promotion 2024: