ERA's customers enjoy traveling in Vietnam in 2022

ERA's customers enjoy traveling in Vietnam in 2022

December 22, 2022

We are back to welcome all of our clients from Hungary, from Belgium, from Lyon France, from Iran to travel to Vietnam with us in 2022. Our clients are happy to enjoy their trip so we are happy. 

1-Mother and son, from Iran to Vietnam in summer 2022

2- Our Indian friends travelling to Vam Sat-CanTho

3- They are from Iran to pray at the Temple of Literature

4- Iranian tourists love to listen to our Vietnamese playing music on the street

5- The Iranian family love our Hanoi

And Ninh Binh

6-They really are happy with our Hanoi

7- They are travelling around the world and really enjoy Vietnam.

8- They are saying Amazing Vietnam

How to make Tofu

9- Or they are on the basket boat in coconut Cam Thanh village

10- Our General Hungary and group on his 3rd trip back to Vietnam enjoy the holiday

And Laos

11- They are from Belgium enjoy biking and tree planting in Vietnam

12- They are from Lyon in France

On motorbike…

Or having an Egg Coffee in Hanoi

And testing Vietnamese Voka